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Many years ago hairdressers worked in booths. I always thought that the reason was that women did not want to be seen to be having their hair done. But I now feel that it was more for the hairdresser to keep his secrets from the staff that worked for him. I was teaching a hairdresser that told me, when he was a student his stylist would stand in front of him, so not to let himsee what the stylist was doing. It was not important to hide everything. In every craft there is a that little trick (a twits of the wrist at that moment, a cutting point on the head, a particular cut on the bangs, the angle of the fingers in the nape of the neck, The way you apply the products in coloring. The comb out) that has to be hidden. That would be the moment the hairdresser would stand with his back in the way of the hapless future stylist. Hairdressing had always been a secret profession, as all handy craft jobs were, and in the old days there were guilds that purposely took steps to keep every "up-start" out of the profession.

Today everything has changed in our profession. It’s easy to get education and to prove that, you just have to see how many hairdressing salons there are all over the world. Money and time will get you everything in our profession. Today it’s not secrets but personality that make the top hairdresser, the salon in the correct part of town, the fact that you do famous people, the fact that you come from famous people. Its all been a great CHANGE.

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Comment by Corrie Proto on July 25, 2011 at 7:53am

Has it not been said that immitation is a form of flattery?  I feel that every stylist could use the exact same technique, be it cutting, coloring, styling..etc..., yet still end up with different results.  Your work is exactly that...YOUR work.  Nobody can duplicate another person's work.  We all pretty much start out learning the same basic techniques.  It's where we take them, when and how we choose to use them, and our own sense of creativity, drive and desired reults that make these "secret" techniques our own.

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