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My son Ezra was born with Down Syndrome. Funding for research is needed to help people like him have better futures. Research is needed but these studies are run by indepenent groups not our governement.

When Ezra was born he needed ope heart surgery, our salon ran a fund raiser to help pay for what the insurance companies wouldn't cover.

A portion of each book The Salon Industry Business Artist is being donated to research groups to help fund these studies.

Why not give back and help support research for Down Syndrome. You will also be helping your salon and career.

Whether an owner or salon professional, The Salon Industry Business Artist is a busines model and problem solver that can give you insight and tools to suceed.

Learn what it takes to succedd behind the chair or behind the scenes running a salon. The Salon Indsutry Busines Artist is a must read for anyone in the salon industry.

Stop going from salon to salon or stop looking for the right staff. Your answers are here.

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