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Mark Hayes has been nominated for 2009 British Hairdresser of the year!

The 2009 nominees for British hairdresser of the year have been announced. I was pleased to see Mark Hayes has been nominated. Mark is the International Creative Director of Sassoon, has been with sassoon for 30 years, and is responsible for their world renown photographic work.

A month ago I had the pleasure of meeting Mark when he was in New York to teach the Masters class at the Wella studio at Rockefeller center. At the time, I didn't know any of the team, Gerard had called over and arranged for me to get access to Mark's prep area. I was a bit nervous as I walked into the room, not knowing what kind of reception I would receive. The jitters went away quickly as the team introduced themselves. Traci Sakosits introduced me to Mark who was obviously very busy. He kindly shook my hand, thanked me for coming, and went back to cutting his model. "They are true craftsman!" is what I said to myself, as I looked down the line at Mark Hayes, Traci Sakosits, and Martyn Duff, as they worked their haircuts.

It is clear to me that it takes a lifetime of dedication without shortcut, to cut hair like Mark Hayes. Talent is necessary, but alone is not enough. GOOD LUCK MARK! WE ARE ROOTING FOR YOU!

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