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Have decided to 'Blog' my haircutting journey. Stay tuned for laughter and tears as I document my workshops and after experiences.
Most of the last two years I have spent 'reinventing' my cutting style. Sounds like an easy task!
But not so.....I have come to the conclusion that relearning the same thing in a new way. Is much harder that just aquireing a skill.
However I have learned a lot. About haircutting...and most of all about.....Me!
And believe it or not.....
"The better I get the worst I know I am" LOL

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Comment by Patricia Robertson on April 8, 2010 at 3:09am
So now it is Thursday and I am one week away from my days in training. Got a call today from my mentor to finalize the plan.
It is so strange to be so looking forward to this!!

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