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Hello Friends & Stylists!

Back in the HairDesignerTV Headquarters after a great couple of days at IBS NY.

HairDesignerTV's Artistic team comprised of Rosemary Tejeda, Daisy Duchens, Kelley Schedewitz, Josef Stempinski & Charlie Brackney taught they're first Workshop during IBS to a SOLD OUT Class on Sunday.

While they were kicking some Mannequin Heads Butt with awesome razor cutting skills - Vivienne Mackinder and a Team of L'Oreal Artists were prepping 10 Models Back Stage for their 1:15 Show.

1:00PM came and we were all huddled backstage rearing to go with the Audience waiting Vivienne entered and took the Audience and all of IBS through the Six Faces Of Fashion.

Monday came and the hectic morning of Sunday was repeating on this day. After Vivienne's Performance herself and the Artistic Team taught another SOLD OUT Razor Cutting Workshop and Again performed an amazing show to a full house.

Whilst all this was going on I & some fantastic helpers from Local Paul Mitchell Schools were working HairDesignerTV's Booth where we debuted the opening products in the VMack Tool Line & Educational Products.

For more info on our products please visit our store at

I'd like to send a special thanks to Everyone who helped us at IBS NY

Vivienne Mackinder, Rosemary Tejeda, Kelley Schedewitz, Charlie Brackney, Josef Stempinski, Daisy Duchens, Matthew Nappo, Sarah Fuchs, Candice Evans, Ursula Woods, Montgomery Frazier, Jasmin Gibbs, Tony Schepler, John Paul Gemelli

L'Oreal Team
Brian Redman, Cariss, Hans, Jen & Jessica

Paul Mitchell The School Parisian Academy
Jessica, Jill, Amanda Delorenzo, Ximenia Montero, Natalia Martinez, Harry Comp

Paul Mitchell The School North Haven Academy
Abby Cassorio, Vincenzo Landino, Mario & Laura Landino

Kim Heywood & David Wahl

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