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Corrective Color vs. Regular Color Service

I recently designed the following article for my salon's blog.  Many thanks to Lupe Voss for the editing.
When seasons turn, people start to look for change.  Sweaters give way to sundresses, movie marathons give way to playgrounds, and people want a different color for their hair.
If you have color on your hair, creating a new look may create a challenge.  Today's blog topic is a crash course in color corrective services.  Why would a guest want to choose a color corrective service instead of an all over color?  To put it as simply as possible, haircolor cannot be put over previously colored hair to make it lighter.  Haircolor does not work that way.
Are there other ways to make the hair lighter?  Of course!  But they take longer and should be done by an experienced professional.  Following are a list of general rules to follow about choosing a corrective color service vs. a traditional service.

1) If you have haircolor on your hair already and you want to go lighter.
2) If you want to go more than 2 shades darker.
3) If you want a drastic change and are worried about the condition of your hair.
4) If you have unwanted tones in your hair (i.e. unwanted red, orange, ashy green, etc) we would have to remove these tones so your hair won't go darker
5) If you have been coloring your hair at home

Let me paint a picture of what might happen when a guest schedules a traditional color service not knowing they should have requested a corrrective color.  To put it in layman's terms: the scheduled timing is off.  A traditional color application involves a color application, a processing time that is structured, a shampoo and blowdry.  A corrective color involves a removal of color, an unpredictable processing time, a rinse, a blowdry...and from there it could be anything.  Another color application.  A toner and highlights; it depends on the desired result.  

What does all this mean?  If we don't schedule your service correctly, the timing will be off and we run into other guest's appointments.  We may have to tell a guest 'no; we don't have time to create that look today'...and if you're anything like me, who makes a choice to make a change and that change better happen TODAY because its the only time I have free, only to be told there's no time today...that would bring down my WEEK.  On the other side of the coin, that hairstylist's productivity and paycheck for the day will drop if they have to say no.  No one wins.

So if you are unsure what type of service to schedule, what should you do?

The first and best thing you can do is schedule for a complimentary color consultation prior to the service.  Sit down with your stylist so they can see where your color currently is, what look you want to achieve, and be able to customize the appointment to meet that goal.  Another thing you can do is discuss future goals for the upcoming season during a regular color service.  A good colorist should not only be asking you what you want to do today but what you may want to do for the next service in 6 weeks.

Finally, the best thing you can do both in the salon and at home is use the right products to keep your hair in top notch health.  We recommend Aveda Color Conserve or Damage Remedy shampoo and conditioner to use in the shower.  The Daily Hair Repair and Sun Veil (sunscreen for the hair!) are perfect leave-in conditioners to protect your color and keep your hair healthy.  Add in a once a week conditioning masque like the Dry Remedy or Color Strengthening Treatment and your hair will be ready for its big makeover. 

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Comment by Roya Sani on April 19, 2012 at 2:30am

I am curious what different people may do in regard to the following situation:

Corrective Color:

Natural Level:  7 N, 1 " regrowth

Midshaft through ends:  Med. weave, 6 RB and 2N.

Client has had highlights 3 months ago and put 2 to 3 different colors in her hair. 

Goal:  Back to Natural, 7N; didn't mind having dimension.

What would you do, how much would you charge, and how would you stage it? 

Comment by Kate O'Leary on April 9, 2012 at 10:55pm
This is great! Thank you, Kate and Lupe!
Comment by Lezlie J Meihls on April 9, 2012 at 10:31pm
Excellent !

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