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There are still plenty of amazing educational opportunities throughout 2010 with ARROJO (Empire MOB, Premiere Birmingham, ColorAmerica, AMCO Worlds Fair in Texas - just to name a few!) but we have our eye on January 2011 when we're hosting our first ever independent hair show called ARROJO EXPO!

Expo is 2 days full of education, inspiration, trend forecasting, brand building and of course, partying! You can attend both days, or choose a day which program interests you the most.

You can find more info here, on the event listing:

“Expo will redefine what a congress of hairstylists should be, it’s going to be a game-changing show,” says Nick Arrojo. “As a forward-thinking, independent hairdressing brand, our vision is to connect a culture that has fostered two centers of excellence for hairdressing education, pioneering product distribution, and a multi-award-winning salon to our fellow professionals. We want to nurture a network that learns from each other, and works for the mutual good. It’s time to bring hairstylists together to inspire and motivate one-another.”


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