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Does anyone know why these products are no longer available..any other recommendations for take home color refreshers for clients?

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Originally these products contained dyes that were used in carpets and fabrics and were not so safe...and I am assuming that  L'Oreal discontinued for that reason and also because the sales were low. 
Thanks Cyrus..all good reasons...but it was a good solution for some color clients who fight with under tones in between appointments..oh well, another change to deal with.
Bumble and Bumble makes color depositing shampoos and conditioners.

I heard Bumble got rid of their color shampoos and conditioners?

The Artec color enhancing shampoos were by far my favorite and I miss them!...
I just heard of a product from All-Nutrient that is a color depositing shampoo..I'm going to give it a try ..I'll let you all know..thanks

you can also use pre-developed color and conditioner.


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