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Hello, Everyone! 

Below you'll find a collage of my beautiful model Kat. She came into the Academy earlier today for a tonal cleanse and this is how she left the salon.....enjoy! 

NL: 4 

Previously Colored: 4 R/O, mid-lengths heavily "browned-out." 

DL: 5 


Tonal Cleansed mid-lengths for 20 minutes with 1oz. Enlightener Powder Lightener + 1oz Shampure Shampoo + 1oz Hot Water, remaining 5 minutes pulled tonal cleanse formal through ends. (Formula remained off new growth) 

Final Color Application: Partial Highlight + Single Process 

Formula 1: (In-Foil, New Growth Equal Parts 10 & 20 Volume, Mids/Ends 20 Volume) 

20g 6N + 20g IB + 4g Dark R/O+ 6g Orange Pure Pigment 

Formala 2: (Single Process, New Growth equal parts 10 & 20 Volume, Mids/Ends 20 Volume)

40g 5N + 4g Dark R/O+ 6g Red Pure Pigment 

Processed for 30 minutes. 

Pictures depict guest prior to tonal cleanse & end result. 

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Wow....just beautiful!

Love it:)


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