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Does anyone have trouble with the new formulation of the The color?  Any suggestions on blending grey with the PM shines?

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what kind of trouble with new formula of the color You mean?
i still having probs with vibrant reds and violets. and while using the color as demi permanent to get nice coverage on bleached hair. 

Well with the new color I have to use 30VOL to cover grey hair completely ... I also have to add color shots for

warmth. I love to use the PM shines to tone and to seal in reds!

hey guys! with the new color, in order to actually cover grays, there HAS to be an brown in there, or the grays will not get covered. the new color is missing the brown in it, so as to give more vibrant reds, golds, violets, etc. i'm finding that the "n" lines, such as 6n, 5n, etc are the best for covering grays, and remember, they can always be mixed with other colors AND color shots to make the color you really want, it just takes a little chemistry and patience! also, pm shines will never cover gray, only blend it, it is not made to cover grays. if you have any other questions, let me know! :)
agreed cat. and have you noticed on there new color wheel the N's, NB's and NN's have switched places? what used to be warm is now cool and vice versa. it took a couple tries but now it's pretty much smooth sailing. plus i've actually had to drop my developer choice in some cases to cover grey. seemed like if i went to high it was actually opening the cuticle too much. for SUPER stubborn grey clients i sometimes put a tiny ribbon (approx 1") of 1N that seems to do the trick. but only on clients who are at a level 6 or darker. good luck and happy coloring!!
Really a little 1N? That will be intersting to try!

NBs are warm, Ns are a real natural now as they took the yellow out, and NNs are cool.


NNs are designed to give you superior gray coverage and if you can, let them develop for 45min, if not, then 35 like the rest of the color will be fine.

I like to mis mix NBs, Gs, with a bit of A. Nice natural color and covers grey good. ( not a lot of A if somone is 50 % or more)

hi guys

with the new PM the Color you now have 3 familes of color! ( check the color poster)

1. n,nn,nb  with 100% brown

2. na,cb,cm,rb,wm,wb with 50% brown

one of my favorite is 1pt NN + 2pts NB + color shots blue

have a great day

all the rest have NO brown

so you can formulate depending on the grey % using colors from the first two familes as a basic plus a color from the rest for shade

ex: for vidrant red with 50% grey ,   1pt n or nn + 2pt r or rr + c sh red  

Does anyone remember how much ammonia is actually in the Paul Mitchell color? I always forget the exact number!

1,78% for levels 1-10 and 2,36 on hilifts


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