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I live currently in Arizona just receive also my california license and want to become a paul mitchell educator also want to move to san diego is there any specific place where to apply and look for a job that is recommended

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Hello Loyda,

My best advice is to familiarize yourself VERY well with the CULTURE or Paul Mitchell and the products, marketing, business building and their concepts as a whole. PM is about a culture and system like no other. The more you can show you know it and love it the better. Your presentation skills have to be good. They are very picky on who they choose to represent their company. Have a unique look, wear black and white and be well spoken and present yourself in a fun lively way.

Once you get past that part, then you have to pass their hands on/written assessments which can be very difficult.

Hope this helps as I was an Educator for 5 years with them.


thank you I am familiar with the culture I have been trying to become an educator i guess the reason is because i live in  a small town i am thinking of moving to san diego or a bigger city to see if i have more opportunity, they told me that they dont have any openings in arizona for now


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