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for those of you who are using the new awapuhi wild ginger keratriplex treatment, how much are you charging for the service? do you feel like the results last a lot longer than the super strong treatment?

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We are giving a hand massage and neck massage and charging 45 dollars. We are recommending return kera triplex treatments every 6 weeks. Guests are LOVING Awapuhi Wild Ginger
where are u getting it @? I still havent been able to get my hands on it
We just ordered it through our distributor. its more exclusive than the regular PM stuff, so if you buy one thing, you have to buy the WHOLE line, but so far the whole line is great, so you really want everything anyway ;)
We have been charging 25 for the treatment. It's amazing so much better then the super strong treatment. So far it seems to last longer also
First let me say, my guests are head over heels in love with the AWG system. I have noticed an incredible difference in the health of the hair. I am recommending the treatment to all my Chemically dependent guests. We actually incorporate it into their Chemical process. If I have a guest add it onto a service I am charging $35. However if this is a stand alone treatment, I am charging $50 for the service. I think you have to price this treatment according to your guests, but I will tell you that my guests are thrilled with the end results. Remember, the whole AWG line helps to maintain these Fantastic results.
I've been adding $30 dollars to the service they are receiving already for the day. Once I explained to them the benefits of the service it has been easy to add it to the ticket! The super strong is a great repairing treatment ,but this new awapuhi treatment kicks a--!!!!! Have a ball with it!
My salon and clients love this line! We just started really pushing the new treatment and we are charging $25 with a color service. If they come in just for the treatment alone we are charging $35 with a blowdry from our assistant.
I do the treatments at the salon I work at, I charge $30 for 30 minutes this includes the treatment itself with relaxation scalp and neck massage, A rinse with perrier water and sugar scalp exfoliation. For the first treatment I give 15% off the cost. This treatment is amazing the hair is so soft and shiny after just one treatment. Lovveeee it.
First of all I have to say I love the new AWG keratin treatment. At my salon we are charging $30 (w/ the ampoule) and that includes a complimentary blowdry/style (whether they are getting a color or not). And I charge $15 for the shampoo, rinse and intensive treatment- under dryer (without blowdry/style). So it really makes more sense for them to do the whole "shebang". My clients are LOVING it. I recommend every 4-6 wks (whatever color schedule they are on). Not any sooner and definatly not any longer than that. They are loving the longevity of their color, the texture of their hair and the newfound condition of their fabric. It's a great add on service that really shouldn't take any longer than 20min on top of whatever there following service is. I feel like the super strong treatment (yet another awesome PM product) is great for people on a budget who want to keep up with it at home in between services. Hope this helps. Good luck and happy styling!!!

We're charging $55 and doing it with a hand massage, neck massage, and serving a ginger infused beverage. Our guests love it and are taking the Take Home products home with them too. The blow dry is a seperate service as well, so typically it ends up being $80+ for the services.

Most salons in my area (Louisville, KY) are charging $30.  I have to say, it is an amazing treatment.  The results are a lot better than super strong... by a long shot.  Not only does it give your hair strength, it gives you great moisture.  This is my #1 treatment I try to up sell.  Super strong is more like a weekly treatment and wild ginger is something your clients should have 4-6 weeks.Hope it helps!


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