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Deep Line

Started by Nicole Moen. Last reply by Lupe Voss 7 hours ago. 1 Reply

I know Deep is only for virgin hair but I was feeling adventurous and needed a caramel without highlighting and toning.  My guest was a previously colored level 4 (something she picked up at Sally's) and wanted caramel highlights.  She was on a…Continue


Started by Shane Helms. Last reply by Nicole Moen 12 hours ago. 9 Replies

This really has nothing to do with color magic but, I was wandering how long do most of you guys a lot for cuts, do you always give a consultation or how a typical cut appt goes.

Full Spectrum ammonia %

Started by Phillip Thacker. Last reply by Lupe Voss on Wednesday. 3 Replies

Hi, I was just wondering what the ammonia percentage is for Full Spectrum Permanent colour.Also wondering what's the ammonia range for Full Spectrum Deep, I keep reading that the ammonia increases the higher the level but not what the percentage of…Continue

Took a guest from bleached out yellow blonde to a neutral 10N...guest feels grey

Started by Carrie-Anne MacLellan. Last reply by Lupe Voss on Wednesday. 6 Replies

I have a guest that we have been doing all over ELC+VB+20 Vol for the summer. She decided she wanted to tone things down a bit for fall and do some lowlights as well for dimension. We did just that and now she feels like her hair is grey. So not the…Continue

when to use elc vs ib

Started by Rosalie DiPierro. Last reply by Lupe Voss on Sunday. 3 Replies

I was wondering if you could explain when I should use elc vs IB ...I use elc in my bright fashion colors, but I dont know why lol I follow formulas on here but I need to know why using elc with any of the pure pigments comes out better for me. And…Continue


Started by Carly Shea Dunn. Last reply by Maria Sigman Oct 18. 4 Replies

Does anyone know where I can find some good hair swatches to color. Preferably the blonde/white ones that have the orange plastic on the tip. I believe those are the ones that were used when I have been to the aveda advanced academy in New York.

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Comment by Lupe Voss 7 hours ago


I hope you get a few from here!


Comment by Victoria Wurdinger 11 hours ago

I am looking for haircolor makeover photos for my column in Modern Salon magazine. Must be 300 dip or higher--1 or 2 MB in size for print. I'd also interview the colorist on what was done. also interested in collections of 3-4 photos if they involve any chemical service, color, smoother, etc. Please message me if interested.

Comment by Lupe Voss on Tuesday


The 0N with the Enlightener keeps the texture creamy and puts weight in the product to keep it in place. I prefer it over the Booster.  Try it. It does not dry out. 

Comment by Lupe Voss on Tuesday


Sounded as if you needed more V with your ELC formula?  Without more V you had too much blue wich made green.

Blue (pure tone) + Yellow (NRP) = Green

You could have added Pastel V to kill the Yellow and the blue would be fine.  It was the V that was missing.

If that happens again, think about it this way.

If you see Green and you want Blue to reflect, use Violet.  The Red in the Violet (B+R) will kill the green.

You can do grey formulas on any level, make sure to neutralize the NRP add the tone you want to see.


An easy way to control a pale yellow formula for a fashion color, Do a fashion Color primer. (we teach with HCM)  Deposit Only Color Treatment

10N + Creme activator on equalized and dry completely hair. process for 20 minutes.

Shampoo and equalize again and dry. Apply fashion color for 20 - 30 minutes.

You can do that before the Lilac...

a pretty Lilac (to me a purple with blue) formula is:

20g 0N

.75g Pure Pigment V

1g Pure Pigment B

22ml Creme activator

Comment by Jason Sin on Tuesday

Justin, that formula sounds so beautiful! I did use Equalizing Solution before I applied the color.

One question though, shouldn't the blue tint actually neutralize the orange, if there is orange in the hair? I did the ELC, Pastel V, and Pastel B formula.

Comment by Sarah Sibley Mohammed on Tuesday


I've seen both Enlightner/Booster/Developer and Enlightner/0N/Developer When Baylaging..  Why do you use 0N over Booster?  Do you feel like you get better lift with the 0N as apposed to Booster?  I feel like when I use Booster I have to mix the same formula about 1/2 way through because it tends to lose it's creamy texture and get too foamy to work with.  Does using 0N help with this as well?  


Comment by Justin Dahlquist on Tuesday

The green tint is from there being too much warmth in the hair. They grey that was applied has a slightly blue tint to it, and grey usually can't be achieved unless the hair is pale yellow. If there is any orange, it usually turns greenish. Also, always use equalizing solution before fashion tones.  A lilac formula I have used- 40g 0n 20g Pastel V 40g 5vol      Fashion tones just always should be used on pale yellow. If not, its just hard to predict what will happen so I would do some test strands. 

Comment by Jason Sin on Tuesday
Quick question...
A friend of mine wanted to go from a colored brown to a grey color. We cleansed her out twice, and it still has some yellow in the hair so we did a ELC formula for a fashion grey color...however, after we washed out the color her hair took on a green tint, with certain spots taking on a blush-ish tint...I'm thinking maybe the cleanses took too much of the warmth in her hair out so the color didn't stick. Now, because of that, she wants to have a lilac color and lets it fade to a pale blonde. My question is, her hair is really compromised so I don't want to use more ELC on her. How would I go about formulating a pastel color with 0N? I was thinking maybe I need to add some Y/O or R/O back in her hair?
Comment by chaka on October 11, 2014 at 11:58pm
Hi..I've had been juggling with Olaplex for a few months finally after talking to the Dean at the New Orleans show I mentioned to him similar situation..try 1/8 instead of 1/4 should stop the slow process. :)
Comment by Lupe Voss on October 8, 2014 at 12:08am


YAY!! I would love for you to do the posting on the Discussion Board so others can go back to see the end result.

To post the picture and formula, Right above this column at the left is an option to "+Add a DIscussion".  Click on that and create a discussion. There are options at the top bar of the discussion box, click on the second option and it will ask you to download the picture.

After you do the picture and formula, please add your hastags at the bottom so people can go right to your discussion.

Let me know how this goes. I am excited to see your end result.


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