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my first official Aveda color in the salon

Started by Phillip Thacker. Last reply by Lupe Voss 4 hours ago. 1 Reply

All my Aveda stock arrived this week, everything! We unpacked all the retail, which looks so good. But we left all the color in the boxes. We got everything but no training yet and no idea when that will be yet either... But all those lonely boxes…Continue

OLAPLEX and AVEDA? tried it, having issues.

Started by Joie Pasher. Last reply by Jordan yesterday. 16 Replies

Hello Everyone;  We just ordered OLAPLEX into the shop - I know - but we had to see.  Has anyone tried it with their AVEDA color?  I am 100% committed to AVEDA, have worked for them corporately (Canada) for quite a few years, and have never strayed.…Continue

Tags: olaplex, #avedacolorand, #olaplex, #OLAPLEX, #AVEDA

Unsuccessful with Deep

Started by Karie Bennett. Last reply by Lupe Voss on Monday. 7 Replies

Hi all,We have a client, virgin hair, level 2, Medium texture and density.  Healthy hair.She wanted level 4 RO RR in singles.Used FSD 6N with 20 vol., 6g dark OR, 2g dark RRProcessed in foils for 30 mins.Washed out, blowdried...nothing.  Barely a…Continue

Tags: #Avedacolor, #DeepChallenge, #FormulatingwithDeep, #FSD

Color creation help w/G&B tones.

Started by Darian Gavin. Last reply by Lupe Voss on Monday. 3 Replies

Greetings, you may have seen this ad in the latest Colorist issue. Our front desk person wants the colors pictured and I can't figure it out. My peers have experimented with variations on G, B, Y, BG(none using. 0n on prelightened mannequin hair…Continue

Lightening up a Deep Guest

Started by Andrea 'Andi' Wintzer. Last reply by Lupe Voss on Monday. 5 Replies

NL 2/3 Texture - fine Type- wavy kinda curly Density - medium % of grey - 20 Current Formula- starting to lighten up formula from previous formula 20g IB, 20g 4, 6g VR W/ 20vol Applied at new growth feathering it down to meet previous ombré - glaze…Continue

Next week we go Aveda

Started by Phillip Thacker. Last reply by Lupe Voss Sep 23. 5 Replies

Its been a 15 year flirtation that is finally turning into a real relationship. Next week once all the paper work is finalised Aveda and I finally get to jump into bed together ( metaphorically speaking of course ) I first contacted Aveda about 15…Continue

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Comment by Lupe Voss 21 hours ago

I like Black Malva shampoo for my ash blondes or my brunettes who do not want any red peeking through.   It's great for men with grey hair to matte out the white hair.

Anyone else have any uses for Black Malva?

Comment by Carrie-Anne MacLellan yesterday
What's a good use for Black Malva Shampoo?? I ordered it instead of Blue Malva by mistake and don't want it to just sit on the shelf collecting dust
Comment by Lupe Voss on September 23, 2014 at 3:26am

Not sure of the lighting on this image ... the new growth is a bit more saturated.

You could apply the new growth and the under nape panel first with the first batch of color, then mix up a new batch with less Lt VB to have more of the pink through the ends.

Over Pre-lightened hair dried with Equalizing Solution do a Fashion Primer with Deposit Only Color Treatment 10N 20g + 0N 20g + creme activator for 20 minutes.This will help with longevity and even out the porosity issues.

New Growth and under nape panel:

0N 40g

Lt VB 2g

Pure Pigment Violet 3g

Creme Activator 40ml

mids and ends:

0N 40g

Pure Pigment Violet 3g

creme activator 40 ml

Process for 30 -35 minutes. Let the product stain the hair.

Comment by Kim on September 22, 2014 at 7:06pm

I need help formulating for this!!! She's a natural level 7 fine hair

Comment by Lupe Voss on September 20, 2014 at 12:02pm


What does Magenta look like to you? I think there is a discussion about it. I am not sure where it is in the discussions. There were a few formulas, though.

I need to organize all of the discussions.

Comment by Lupe Voss on September 20, 2014 at 12:00pm


It doesn't dry out on me.  That is strange. Is it because it becomes thicker and heavier?

If you move the product you can see how the Enlightener is still sticky and wet. It lasts for me about 40 minutes and then the Enlightener is done.

I use it with 20g 0N.

I am trying a new ratio. will see how that goes.

Comment by Jason Sin on September 20, 2014 at 2:59am
So I did a balayage ombré look on a guest the other day with:

30g Enlightener
15g 0N
60mL 30vol

The end result was very pretty; however, I noticed that the Enlightener began to dry in the bowl about fifteen minutes after I mixed it up...has anyone experienced that? Any suggestions as to how to keep the Enlightener wet? I thought about adding more developer but I was afraid that it would dilute the lifting power even more...
Comment by Patricia on September 18, 2014 at 11:13pm
hello lupe I'm a first timer here i need your expertise i am a student at the aveda institute corpus christi ive been playing around with pure pigments im trying to achive a fushia/magenta color what is your suggestion ?1?1
Comment by Lupe Voss on September 10, 2014 at 12:10am


It sounds as if she needed a bit more of a fill for her hair. I usually add OY to my Pure Pigment Orange.  The hair/light will absorb the Yellow from the orange if it needs it and reflects the red.

The Orange pure pigment is pretty saturated and when it turns red, that is a sign of needing more "Y" in the formula. You could gloss her with Pastel YO or OY.  It sounds as if she needs some Pastel YO.

Was the pre-color more on the RO side?

If yes, that would be the reflection that will tell you to add more YO (YRY) or OY (RYY)

Comment by Kellie Larson on September 10, 2014 at 12:00am
Hi Lupe. Today I had a guest that has been highlighted blonde for several years and wanted to be bright copper all over. I went to Rock your Reds class and was excited to use my knowledge. First step spraying equalizing solution from scalp to ends and blow dry. Next step was to precolor, I used 80gLPB + CTA (because of its OR base). When finish with precolor it was beautiful guest and myself loved it. For permanent formula I used for NG was 20gIB + 20g6N + .5gDBG + 1gLOR+ 2.5gO + 20vol for ME 30gIB + 10g 7N + 1gLBB + 14g O + 20vol. My guest TTD is straight, medium, medium. The results were too red. I'm wondering if there was anything I should have done differently to get and clear orange reflection.

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