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we got our new color in the other day. i have a couple questions on it.

1. a coworker saw on the new color box under warnings it says something about not to use the color on people under 16 years old. and to not use it with people that have black henna tattoos or something. any explanation??

2. the new bright colors. i'm guessing you have to be pre lightened (to get the real bright unnatural colors). it says to mix with 5 vol and clear (if you want the color to be less intense). this is my question: with other colors (like what i have on my hair, that is a direct dye) when i want to get it out fast i use 12n and 20v. it comes out like magic! (thank jen roskey!) how do you remove this color, since it is supposed to be permanent? i'm debating on trying it but i dont want to have to bleach out my hair to get rid of a color when i want to change colors...

i think that's all the questions for now! thanks lupe!!

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I'll have to ask about the warning... that is interesting! I haven't seen that.

You can get bright colors on levels 7 and above. You can use the Universal + Pure Pigment + 5 volume to be intense. 

For intense vibrant colors Universal Creme 20g + 20g Pure Pigment + 40 ml 5 volume. The lighter the hair you are applying it on... The more intense your end result will be. 

You can use Universal with natural levels to be less intense or to dilute lift.

Another way to take out Direct dyes is using Full Spectrum™ Permanent 10N +20 volume or 30 volume. It has less ammonia than the 12N easier on the integrity of the hair.

Because the Pure pigments are an oxidative dye, they do not remove like a nitro dye would. Removal of this product depends on the porosity of the hair.  The more porous the hair ... the easier it is to remove. The hardest color to remove is Yellow then Orange then Red...

Aveda really listened to the people. They wanted bright fun fashion colors that do not fade... tadaaaaaah!

I'll get back to you ASAP about the warning question...


cool! i cant wait to try this new stuff out!

for the intense colors:

adding more universal to the pure pigment would make it a pastel, right?

example: in this pic

the girl with green hair. has dark green on the sides and mint on top. i'm guessing it's more universal added to make it mint vs dark green?

Yes... you can dilute the Pure Pigment to go more sheer!

sorry! another question about the pure pigments!

first a little background:

right now i use a direct dye color for "fashion colors". it's dark but when you mix it with conditioner it lightens up and depending on how much conditioner you add, the lighter it gets. you can literally see the color in the bowl that it will turn out on the hair (does that make sense?) so basically there is no guessing. what you see is what you get.

i have a regular guest coming in next weekend that wants her color redone. we usually do blue but we are going to do purple this time. she is excited to try out the new aveda pure pigments color!

so here is my question: do the new pure pigments look, in the bowl, the same as they will on the hair?

AND also, is universal the same thing as 0n??? for some reason i thought it was at first but now i dont know!!

i know we have the 0n at the salon but i dont remember seeing anything that said "universal".



The Pure Pigments are Oxidative dyes, as well as the Pure Tones. You will not see the color like a direct dye.

You will notice when these color process there is color to them but it is not like a direct or a nitro dye.

0N colorless from Deposit Only Color Treatment is not the same as Universal Creme. Universal Creme comes in an 8oz tube.

I prefer the Universal Creme. It is SHINY!!!! You can use the 0N from Deposit Only Color Treatment if you do not have Universal Creme. Not recommended by Aveda.

Let me know if you want to work through formulas...


thats what i thought, just wanted to check.

i guess i will have to make sure we have universal already too!!

and yes! lets to formulas! this is a horrible cell phone pic BUT this is the color blue we usually do

that was the first time we did it. now i do a lot more of it. either way, i dont want it so dark that it looks navy or something. still bright!

You can achieve this with the new blue. You will love it. So reflective! Did you dilute this formula?


i did add some conditioner but only enough to stretch the product more. the original color is quite dark (probably not as dark as the new aveda blue swatch, but close)

also, just so i can tell her, do you know if this color slowly fades out? or how does it fade out since it's technically permanent?

It really lasts well. It really depends on the porosity of the hair and how intense the formula is. Also, how often she shampoos will affect the longevity of the color.

so seeing her color that we've done previously, what do you recommend for the new formula? it doesn't have to be exact obviously, but i just dont want it too dark! she comes in this week! thanks!! (i will try to remember to take a pic to put up here with formulas!

you must be aware of these terms and what they mean to us. Google them and you will find out how and why these warnings are being put on boxes of hair dye. It is very important for you and your guest. 


Para-Phenylenediamine (PPD),


anaphylectic shock.

not meant to be a debbie downer, but shows how important patch tests are. 

also, don't put anyone with TATTOOS under dryer with hair dye.

i was under the understanding that aveda did NOT use PPD in their color. has this changed with the new color line???

i really hope not, because i have heard very bad things about PPD...


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