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we got our new color in the other day. i have a couple questions on it.

1. a coworker saw on the new color box under warnings it says something about not to use the color on people under 16 years old. and to not use it with people that have black henna tattoos or something. any explanation??

2. the new bright colors. i'm guessing you have to be pre lightened (to get the real bright unnatural colors). it says to mix with 5 vol and clear (if you want the color to be less intense). this is my question: with other colors (like what i have on my hair, that is a direct dye) when i want to get it out fast i use 12n and 20v. it comes out like magic! (thank jen roskey!) how do you remove this color, since it is supposed to be permanent? i'm debating on trying it but i dont want to have to bleach out my hair to get rid of a color when i want to change colors...

i think that's all the questions for now! thanks lupe!!

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so the new aveda color does NOT contain PPD but it DOES contain PTD? am i understanding this properly? hah

Yes. You are understanding correctly.


thank you for the clarification!

also, i will post up a new topic w pics but i tried the red pure pigments last night. amazing!!

cool! SHARE SHARE!!!!

also, i found this interesting article regarding PTD instead of PPD

Thanks for turning me on to this site. Very interesting.

Great I will look.


Great article! Love the site too! Thank you!


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