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pastel bubble gum pink

Botanical Hair Therapy Penetrating protein

Pre-lighten to pale yellow


40g 0N Universal creme

4g Drk VR

40ml 5 volume




Intense V/R + Red Pure Pigment

Botanical hair therapy Penetrating Protein


5N 10g

Intense Base 30g

V/R 8g

Red Pure Pigment 8g

10/20 volume at the New Growth

20 volume at the Mids and Ends



10N 10g

Intense Base 30g

V/R 2g

Red Pure Pigment 2g

30 volume



Natural Brown V/R

Botanical hair therapy Penetrating Moisture

New Growth:

3N 40g

V/R 12g

10/20 volume


Mids and Ends:

5N 40g

V/R 6g

20 volume



8N 40g

V/R 6g

30 volume




Mushroom Brown

Botanical hair therapy Penetrating Protein

New Growth:

6N 40g

.5g drk B/G

.5g drk V/R

1g lt V/B

10/20 volume


Mids & Ends:

7N 40g

2g drk B/V

1g drk V/R

5g lt V/B

20 volume



40g Extra lifting Creme

10g pastel V

2g pastel YO

30 volume 80ml



It is a serious picture... for some serious hair color!




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Replies to This Discussion

Gorgeous! I'm totally using the mushroom brown on someone at the salon today. You're a genius Lupe! Thank you for your constant inspiration. I start every day with the hcm discussions.


Nice to hear! I love this group and sharing.

Let me know how the color goes today!


Thank so much Lupe <3


You are so welcome!!! Enjoy.


Omg I love these awsome lupe queen of color ! Can't wait to try the new pure pigments !


You will LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I just did one of my team members "ellie's" color. Will post a link soon so you can see the color. I had to add 1g Pastel Violet to get rid of some Yellow still left in her hair... It is so beautiful!


Which formula was used on the model third from the left? Olivia? That's a beautiful red. Did you ever post a pic of Ellie's color? What was the formula? And what are the rules for adding the pastel pur tones to FSP formulas? Thanks Lupe!

Hi Anita!!!!

Her name is Olivia.Here are some pictures...

As far as using the Pastels in the FSP line...

Well, Aveda does not recommend using them in anything other than Extra Lifting Creme...

However,I have been using them in FSP lighter levels... Soft. Especially the V and B to kill the Yellow and Orange! They are amazing.


Lupe, you are amazing. I love the formulars :-) Can't wait to use them. Anyway what do you mean by dimension? Is it the formular putting in the foils? Thank you so much!

Dimension could be a color lighter or darker than the base... sometimes both lighter and darker can be used to create dimension in the haircut.




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