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Can anyone give me a formula for a caramel highlight more on the golden brown stage. i used to use 09nb and 06g from redken... is anything similar in aveda?

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I like 8N and 30 vol, or Eclipse and 20 vol in equal amounts.
If you need to use enlightener, bring it up to a L7 or 8 and tone with Demi L8 with a dash of BB.
Tell me a desired level and what tone is caramel to you. Then we can do a formula.
I hope allot of the group posts. I would love to see what everyone uses.
the desired level is a 7. and the tone is more closer to a golden brown.
On pre-lightened hair level 8 (yo) Not any lighter. If it is pre-lightened lighter we would have to adjust the pure tones.

Full Spectrum Permanent
7N 40g
BV 2g
YO 4g
20volume 40ml

Full Spectrum Deposit Only Color Treatment
pre-lightened to YO
7N 20g
0N 20g
VB 4g
YO 5g
Creme or liquid activator 40ml

Again, the pure tones will adjust depending on what you lift them to.
.....Full Spectrum Permanent
7N 40g
BV 2g
YO 4g
20volume 40ml.....

Lupe, are you saying this formula is to tone with, or to use it as a hilight on virgin hair? I never tone with 20vol. What would be the advantages/disadvantages with using 20 vol. rather than a demi?
You can use this for both toning for pre lightened hair and could be used for a virgin head of hair. For a virgin head of hair the Natural level could be a level 5 and or 6.
texture straight
type fine and/or medium
density thin and/or medium
1/2 10 volume 1/2 20 volume at the new growth
20 volume at the mids & ends

If you pre-lighten to an 8, the NRP is orange.
If the client has some of their natural still left in the hair I would use Deposit Only Color Treatment ...
If they are colored all over and I am toning highlights...I would choose FSP so they tone lasts longer.
20 volume gives you even lift - even deposit.
Big fan of the 20!
If you are using shades by redken the try 2 oz 7nb to 1 oz 9g. Lift to yo and tone for beautiful caramel highlights on the 'brown side'.
Our salon loves this carmel tone...lift with enlightener to level 7 or 8. Then use demi L6 with 1 gram deep y/g. Watch til it is where you want. Turns a beautiful carmel.


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