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Hi lupe,

I have a client next week coming in for colour. Our salon ran out of 5 vol, and cant order it in time for her appointment on monday. Is there anything i can mix that will be the same as 5 vol? She went to get her hair glossed with a demi at another aveda salon and it faded within 6 weeks, she wanted a longer lasting fix, without being so harsh on the hair. I suggested doing FS with 5vol since its will stay longer and her hair being so porous and damage from the previous hair service. Am i making the right choice with the 5vol? Her hair is mossy and brassy in some areas and she threw colour from whole foods on it a few weeks ago. I told her best choice was to eliminate the brass and do treatments. But with no 5vol i cant do much, can u help me find another alternative?
Thank u. Can i mix 10vol with something to dilute the strength?

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I'm not Lupe, but she has taught me to do a Botanical strengthening treatment on the hair first, dry, then apply the demi glossing formula. doing the treatment first gets the hair ready to accept the demi and it will make the hair shine and the product last longer. If you want to still use five vol. you can dilute the 10 vol. half and half with distilled water.

Another thing you can do is use the DOCT with Deep pure tones (not recommended by Lupe always says.) this gives tone, but doesn't change the level. Or you can always reschedule her for when the product comes in if the 5 vol. is the only thing you think will work on this particular client, but I doubt it. What did she do before 5 vol. became available only recently? Or, check with another Aveda salon in your area and see if you can purchase one from them. We do that from time to time.


Anita said what I would do. Botanical then Deposit Only Color Treatment. Make sure the hair is healthy and ready to take color (evenly). You could do DOCT 0N + pure tone + creme activator to deposit tone and get rid of the moss... What tone does she want to see?

I wouldn't dilute the 10 volume, only because of the conditioners and essential oils. Not sure if they would mix properly. I can ask R & D...

Let me know if you want to do a formula together.

Anita, You rock!!!!


This is interesting.  My experience with mossy (I will asume this is green) is that I have to remove it before I can tone it.  Mossy alway's seems to go to a deep shade of forest green. Something New, woot woot!
You could do a shampoo hot water cleanse... If the hair is porous it will come out with color. Conditioning is the key...and you could do it with an ammonia lift. Using a higher level + pure tone.

i would like to know the difference between using On + pure tone + CTA for shine/tone and On + FS pure tone + 20 vol for shine/tone.

On another note. i used 10/20 vol on grey fine thin hair (mine). it worked great. no more extra warmth. Yay.

Love the class in Toronto Lupe. Thanks so much!!!!

I really hope you get to come back. fill out your feed back forms Toronto :)  

The FSP pure tone contains ammonia. The 20 volume gives it a bit more time to work. The DOCT activator would be a great choice as well. It is a "13 volume". (3.5%)

It is not recommended by AVEDA to do this but it is nice.

The DOCT pure tones do not have ammonia in them at all.


You can always cut H202 w/H20 to the volume you need...



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