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Hi All,

How many of you are doing the Beauty On Demand services?  We started doing them this last week and are going like gang busters!!!!



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what is it?


15 minute facials. Add on services to up the ticket sales and help the Skin Care move... I'll put a link to the description and the menu...


We have an area designated for the services. It is a wet station styling chair that will either work as a styling chair or lean back and do the service. These are 15 minute facials and the team is having fun! They do them while color is processing and/or before or after a cut! BTW... Men love it too.

Really? How does the guest find out about it? Do you have it posted or is staff talking it up?


We have a script for when we confirm appointments and the staff talks about it to their Guests... It is awesome to give the client a chance to experience the products. They love the "one stop shopping" and getting out fast.



Do you want me to send you the script?


Yes please.


Okay. I am off till Friday. I will get to the salon and post it. Will you PLEASE remind me. I have no brain cells left!!! ;P



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