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Does anyone have info on the new re-texturizer that Aveda is coming out with soon? Is it going to be like their old relaxers or more like the keratin treatments? Thanks.

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The new straightener is going to be permanent more like a relaxer however it's set up almost like a perm. There is a product to put on it, and a neutralizer as well. However there are three options for the final style. You can either use a flat iron, for the stick straight like a relaxer or the keratin treatment. Or you can use a round brush and really get body through it, still straight but with the volume that the keratin treatment doesn't offer. The last option is to actually do a controlled curl. You would go through with a curling wand and barrel curl the hair to the size you want. It gives the guest a nice curl that's even all over. The biggest thing is that there is the product, the neutralizer and a heat element is needed (blow dryer, curling iron, flat iron etc).

Since the product is permanent you can't overlap it at all. Therefore the guest should book there next appointment for 6 to 8 months out. You really need a good few inches of outgrowth in order to use the curling iron or flat iron with the product.

The product should be our for us to start using May 1st. They should be doing classes on it shortly after if you check with your education center. We just had a couple hours informational class at the school here in Madison. So maybe if you have an Aveda school near you they might do one there too?



The product is great. Larissa Wong (awesome haircutting purefessional™) came out and did the launch in Los Angeles. She is on the texture team.

Just as Elizabeth replied... You have three options... straight, wavy, and curly.

 The results are great. You get the results of a Keratin treatment, but it is permanent. A-mazing! The procedure is similar to the blow out treatments, but this one has a neutralizer. It is a Thio based product. Just like a perm. I was impressed with the shine and the body of the hair.

Our guests are so excited! they have been waiting for this.
Elizabeth and Lupe...thanks to you both for the information. Looking forward to learning more and seeing it in action. It does sound different than what Aveda had before. More options now.
This is a hybrid product that will allow for straight or controlled curl in the hair. You will definitely need to take a class and askk a lot of questions. We are told that you can color right afterwards using DOCT on the hair just like after a traditional sodium relaxer. I'm not clear on how to pHinish the color though. Do sign up for a hands on.....I didn't get the chance so I am not sure how you go about safely retouching the hair without overlapping. It costs $25. an application, not including all the pre and post conditioning that seems to be required. The beauty is you can use it over any Keratin treatment that has been done in the hair previously. Sodium and this Thio straightener DO NOT MIX, Old fashion chemical haircut. Looking forward to taking a hands on and bringing in someone with 4 months of outgrowth. Good luck and have fun!

Thanks Maria. The overlapping question is an old one, and personally, I really don't think a retouch can be done without at least a small amount of overlapping. There will always be some breakage, so I think the best results with these types of chemicals are to wait until it's grown out before applying again. For people with extra long hair,they'll have to give something up if they want the length. Just my opinion in what I've seen.


Will be looking for class info. Hopefully, they'll be offering in salon classes.

So excited to see this product and really get my hands in it. I have worked with the Keratin for a bit now and I'm really interested in seeing the difference. The Keratin that we use is not a permanent fix so I'm very excited to see AVEDA take the next step into the retexturizing line. Cant wait to hear about classes here in Atlanta. Also how is this product going to work with our color clients? Will this be a product safe for color and/or pregnant women?
Smooth Infustion REtexturizing System is just getting out to the network now, product shipping into salons beginning end of April.  For classes you should be able to access hands on classes globally after July 1 - check for locations and information, possibly sooner.  Call

800. AVEDA44 or email,

Just had our class and anxiously awaiting the product.  Me and a co-worker will be running through each technique and developing how to market it, how to price it, how to book an appointment for it, etc...and we are so freaking excited!


It can be used like a keratin treatment, or like a relaxer, or a curl retexturizer.  Its conditioning and permanent and can do pretty much anything but be mixed with a thio product.

Has anyone used it yet? How did it go, if you did? What is your salon's selling price? Any details would be great.
I think this will help out a little with regards to the Aveda Retexturizing System. Cheers!!
This is the actual sheet that is used by Aveda to Train the Educator. I think it is a little more reliable........

here is a client FAQ sheet from a salon that is offering it.  i am currently in the process of writing up a service contract and customized purescription take home for guests.  communication and a solid consultation are going to big the requirements to set yourself up for success with this system.



  • y of your hair.

How long does the process take?

  • If you are receiving the treatment on the full head for the first time, it takes 3-4 -1/2 hours. If you have received the treatment previously and only need a touch-up, it may take 2-3 hours (the length and density of your hair must also be factored in).

After receiving the Aveda permanent straightener what is the home maintenance?

  • Your home maintenance should be heavenly, significantly reducing your hairstyling regimen in the mornings, say "good-bye" to your flat irons and only a light blowdry/airdry or diffusing may be needed. We recommend you shampoo, conditon and deep condition on a regular basis with Aveda's Damage Remedy line with quinoa protein that allows you to keep the bonds of your hair strong. Tousled also performs an in-salon botanical deep conditioning treatment that will bring lasting shine.

Once I receive the treatment how often will I need to get my roots touched-up?

  • This depends on the rate of your hair growth and if you and your Straightening Specialist opted for the "pin-straight", "controlled body" or "controlled curl" application, it can be anywhere from 4-6 months. Your Tousled straightening specialist will be able to guide you with your re-touch time-line.

I have kinky-curly natural hair, will it make my hair straight?


No. It will only soften and smooth your curls, but will not make your hair permanently straight.


Can I shampoo my hair the next day after receiving the treatment?


No. You must wait 72 hours (3 days) before shampooing your hair with Aveda's Damage Remedy line. It is also recommended that you do not tuck your hair behind your ears, refrain from wearing hair clips, ponytail holders, headbands and hats within the same 72 hours prior to shampooing your hair.


After receiving the treatment, what if I accidentally indent my straight hair texture by tucking my hair behind my ears or put on a hat without think ing about it, what should I do?

  • We recommend that you use your ceramic flat iron and run it through the indented area until it is straight and sleek. If you don't have a flat iron, no worries, Tousled Hair Salon sells professional quality flat irons.

What is the cost?

  • Both the virgin (application from the roots to the ends of the hair) and the re-touch (at the root area only) are both $150 per hour. It's the amount of time spent on your texture and length that determines the final price (please see the question above "How Long Does the Process Take?". Deep conditioning treatment applied is not included in the fee.



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