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whats your favorite brand and product to use on hair for styling?

list the products you find so amazing and tell your discoveries! :D

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My Zoot Hair brand... specifically for short hair... my fave.


have a look here for more info...


Ivan Zoot

I'm gonna have to say Bumble & Bumble.


Fav products: Sumotech (a sort of wax, sort of elastic paste thing, that isn't quite what you think it would be), defrizz (a silicone thing), and grooming creme (lightweight no hold satin creme).


Mixed together. Into a paste of AWESOMENESS.

sounds cool :D
Bumble and Bumble. I actually can't think of a product that I don't like, but if I had to pick one I would say texture. 
Davines!! Love it!
Kevin Murphy's products are brilliant.

Paul Mtchell

Awapuhi wild ginger, styling treatment oil, lightweight with amazing control and shine!!!

Anything ARROJO, each styling product is unique as the hair we work with and mixing styling cream and curl cream is a favorite for curly hair, defrizz alone or add a little styling whip for straight and the hair is beautiful!!!!!
BROCATO Carve and Swell Volume Clay! These 2 products are totally unique and have made me a ton of money in salon! The whole Brocato line is unlike anything I have used in all my yrs.
SACHAJUAN  and there ocean silk tec. Its from sweden and it does what it says with leaving the hair weight down

Definitely Organic Color Systems.  I love all the products that are available.  There are paraben, sulfate, ammonia, formaldehyde, and plastic free.  In addition, the products are 100% certified organic, cruelty-free, and diversion free!!!  

Aquage and Biomega have hands down been the best lines I have worked with since I began my journey into hair styling. They provide so many different options as far as products go and I have yet to be disappointed. 

For any updo styling I highly recommend prepping the hair with Working Spray. It's amazing for any heat tools you may need. I always use Finishing Spray it holds everything in place without leaving the hair feeling crispy. 


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