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There are so many "What _____ Should I Buy?" threads, it occurred to me that a thread videos of what everyone uses would be WAY more helpful imho! I've read through and tried to parse all the shear threads on Hairbrained, Hairmaven, even...BTC.

Nothing is more informative than just going up to a stylist and asking them in person what's in their kit!

Will anyone else out their participate? I'd love to see what's in the kit of some of the more advanced stylists out there!

Just bust out your iphone inbetween clients and run down your shears/tools. You don't have to be as long winded as I am (I can't help it...), just show what you use in an average day.


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Any hardware store has them.



That tool roll up was pretty handy looking too. There's a lot of great stuff you can find at the hardware store!


My hair blog: or find Overdirected iTunes!

I noticed the tool roll up also..I guess I'll be heading over to the hardware store soon...

Got the roll up at Farm and Fleet in WI.  Made by Bucket Boss.

Here it is on Amazon...



Thanks Ivan!

I've toyed with the idea of making my own...and maybe someday I will, but for now I'll check out what your using.

I've also contacted the folks at 4420 - they have a pretty good selection of lefty shears and thinners. Anything from them you would recommend?

I guess after asking all these questions I should share what I use everyday...

Shears -
Mizutani beaks 5.5
Mizutani Acro type G 5.0
Mizutani Type Z 5.5
Mizutani puffin 6.5

Hikari new cosmos 6.0

Fanout 37 tooth blending / texture shear

Feather plier straight razor

Assortment of Ys park

Brushes -
Ibiza round brushes assorted sizes
Mason Pearson
Ys 501
Few different ys round brushes
Denman paddle
Denman 5,7,9 row
Denman vent
Yspark denman /vent

Clips -
Ys park

Blower -
Kristal 3600

Irons -
Hai convertible
Hai stik

Whore for tools


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