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Can anyone recommend a volumizing mouse for fine hair?  I really liked Goldwell's Glamour Whip but it's discontinued and I'm not in love with their Top Whip. 

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i always liked 'guts' by redken, don't know if they still make it, not a redken user any more.

Thank you, I will check it out.

Kevin Murphy Body Builder is awesome!!!

I am using Aquage Uplifting Foam at the moment.    Love it.  And Italy Purity Design Pure Style Mousse - strong.  I think there's an Extra Strong too.  I have fine almost straight hair, lots of it but fine and find a strong mousse the best. I think Moroccanoil does one for curly hair.   ~H

Thickify Foam by Sebastian...

Top Whip by Goldwell is pretty awesome. It's part of their Volumizing line. Or Kevin Murphy's bodybuilder. Both are great.

SachaJuan Mouse is amazing adds volume with out being sticky!!! if you want more hold the root lift Rocks!

Body Builder Kevin Murphy beats them all.Its light and the fragrance is wonderful.For my editorial its great because when I use a wind machine the hair feels soft afterwards and I can apply Hair Resort on any of the Kevin Murphy finishing tools.

Try BLOW Thickening spray, root booster, and mousse. Hair comes out shines bouncy and full.

arrojo volume foam   its awesome 

I like the new Matrix Mousse.  I was never a fan of mousse, but is has come a long way!  

Paul Mitchell's Hydrocream Whip works really well. Plus it's not crunchy after you use it!


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