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If you have an opinion about a particular pair of scissors, give everyone the details...

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Anyone use Washi shears? I have been researching shears for weeks now, and they have a pair which I'd love to have, but I don't know anyone who owns a pair.

I love Washi shears. I've used several pairs and prefer them over the other companies I've tried. They're super smooth and they have great customer service :) I have the Black Velvet Master, Green Vibe Swivel & some blending shears. Hope that helps

That's interesting that out of all shears that are on the market , that your response would be , Washi shears. Does anyone know where the Washi shears are manufactured.
Times have changed. I remember that cutters also thought that "ice shears", were also great shears.
Thanks for your opinion. I may have to give them another look.

Nice job, Rhonda!

Very interesting information. I haven't found a website that will tell you all this information online. I suppose I would need to email them directly to find out some of these things. I've just looked at 4 different websites, and not one of them states if they are Japanese stainless steel. They do say they are 440c or give a number of Rockwell hardness, so perhaps they feel that covers it.

Thanks for sharing that Rhonda. It's good information to have when researching shears.

What's the difference between a convex and a semi-convex edge? Different uses maybe?

Hey Rhonda, 

are you counting your degrees form the top down or bottom up?

Ok, not a problem. Its just that on a 90 degree and counting up  convex edges traditionally are standard at 45 which is a good guess anyway since its smack in the middle and you counted up to 50 which to is a steeper angle unless you were counting down.

50 and 60 degrees are yout typical bevel edges. German scissors traditionally are beveled.

convex edges means that the blade  will curve all the way down to the edge without a bevel. A semi-convexed edge starts off as a convex and is given a steeper angle at the edge.

convexed edges give you razor sharp scissors. You can feel them cut through hair like butter. Not all convex scissors will slide but this is all preference by stylist anyway which is why you need to test scissors out.

semi-convexed and beveled edges are good for blunt cutting and heavy cutting work but at that point I preferre serrated scissors.

hope this helps.

if you want to talk scissors feel free to just message me. Cheers!

Thanks for explaining the difference. There's so much to now about shears I feel like I need to print all this out and take it with me when I go shopping for my next pair.


I just got my shears back from Brent at Infinity Shears. Wow...He did an awesome job! I will be using him from now on for all my shears. Not only did he do a great job, but the turn around time from when I sent them to when I got them back was surprisingly short - even though we are in the same state, I didn't expect to get them back so soon.

I also want to thank mr. mysterioso for telling me about Brent. My shears are now fully adjusted and cut great!


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