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If you have an opinion about a particular pair of scissors, give everyone the details...

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Does anyone own or have tried the Hikari Guides I am having a hard time finding one for me to demo and would really like some feedback on this new shear. Thankyou

I've read through this entire thread as I need to buy a new pair of shears...

I'm wondering though - cause I just have to be different lol...Are there any good shears that are made in the USA?

My "New Years Resolution" is to buy American made whenever I can.



  i agree-BUY American when you can. it is a large part of why Germany is so strong right now. they bought their own quality goods. it's more economical than buying cheap goodsover and over.

     good hair cutting scissors are not made in the U.S., not that i know of. The one company formerly made here, Aries Eckhart, is now Chinese. Most companies that say American are from Pakistan.

     we are no longer a steel making nation, BUT we do make high grade metals. Stellite is made in the U.S. and Canada- a high grade of cobalt/chromium/iron (over 50% cobalt) and it is used in some top quality scissors made in Japan. (like Mizutani Acro Stellite).

I kinda figured that was going to be the case, but it you don't ask, you don't know.  I guess I'll just wait until I get to Long Beach and see what I can get there. The shears that I've had forever I don't think are made anymore since the company was sold quite some time ago, so time to find something else. Not as many to choose from though since I'm left handed, so that narrows the field a bit.



what kind did you have before? if you get a got sharpener (like Brent at Infinity Scissors) you can bring life back into them.

    when you go to Long beach, a lot of the scissors will be from pakistan, maker of the worst scissors in the world- cast not forged, throw-aways. the best are authentic japanese scissors. many say or will be marked "japanese" but if they are real they will have a japanese website. quality will outlast cheap and will work much better and stay sharp much longer. check out who will be there on the show website and then research that before you go.

And still- Support American goods whenever possible!

I have two pair of tenyo's. I bought them from B.W. Boyd Shear World - this was back in the 1980's...They have served me well, but not sure if one pair can be saved. They won't stay adjusted when you tighten the screw - and I don't know if that can be fixed or not. I will say, I have gotten my money out of both pairs though...I'm on a tight budget right now, and buying a new pair of shears was not in the cards, but I need to have a pair of shears that I can depend on.

I did have one pair sharpened by the company that bought out B.W. Boyd - UTSUMI, and I was not pleased with the work they did. I won't send them anymore of my shears. So, either way I need to find someone who can sharpen my shears, but not take forever to get them back to me.

Hmmm...I figured most of the big scissor companies would be at Long Beach...Maybe I need to look at my show guide again. I need to see how a pair of shears feels in my hand before I buy them.

  contact Brent at Infinity Scissor Service ( he was the head of Hikari sharpening. he is great.  he can prob recondition them.

   i don't think Mizutani ( is going to be at the show, but they are the best. Chad Clark (on hairbrained and facebook) has a selection of them. you might be able to connect with him while you are in the area for the show. worth checking out.


I had looked at the Hikari website and that's how I discovered that my shears were out of adjustment. I adjusted them, and they worked fine for quite awhile. I will contact Brent and see if he can do anything for me. I do have an inexpensive pair of Rock It  Dog shears by Centrix  that I picked up - and actually they work pretty good considering what I paid for them. It's a good thing too because I have been using them more and more.

Thanks for your help.

of course! we all here to help each other. Happy New Year!

Anyone use Washi shears? I have been researching shears for weeks now, and they have a pair which I'd love to have, but I don't know anyone who owns a pair.

I love Washi shears. I've used several pairs and prefer them over the other companies I've tried. They're super smooth and they have great customer service :) I have the Black Velvet Master, Green Vibe Swivel & some blending shears. Hope that helps


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