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Can anyone tell me about how the Paul Mitchell color line works. I am graduating from douglas j. aveda institute and only know aveda color. I ordered a book off of the net about their color but until then..I kinda need some kind of paul mitchell knowledge. THANKS =)

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agreed with Toby. also five min.under heat can make miracles happen.

Hello stephanie! loved seeing you in las vegas this past july. you are awesome. I have been working with JPMS for a little over a year now, first and foremost I love the education that they supply. I work for a PM focus salon michigan, we go to most all of the educational events! Hope to see you on the cruise in 2013!


Hi everyone!

i'm the educator director for Paul Mitchell in Greece!

We started with the old formula 2 years ago and we had e few challenges... The Greek hair is 80% level 5 or under with lots of iron and all the women want to be a 10CB or platinum!

Now with the new chromaluxe things are a lot better, the N's and the NN's are a lot more vibrand and the formulation with base and tone has helped hairdressers to achive much better results than before, as far as the reds i find them very  good, i did find as well the HLA a little bit darker then before, but i prefer to pre-lite the hair and use my favor, PM SHINES !!! Are the best thing out there !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And lets not forget COLOR SHOTS the best mixing tool for unique results, a must in every colour...

Overall i thing PM the color is maybe,THE most conditioning color line, but most of all JPMS is the best brand if you want to be a successfull hairstylist and a true professional !!!


I agree the more I use the PM shines the more I love them! Do you have any formulas for blondes that you love?

for PM Shines, or TheColor ?

Toning Blondes with PM shines or High lift blondes with The Color?

Here in Greece we have hair with lots of iron, so most of the times I use 9BV or 9V to neutralize those orange and yellow tones!

My personal favorite is 9NB specialy after balayage with DPL+ 10vol, sometimes i add color shots blue for cooler results!

For hilifts i use flash finish icy blue violet and ultra violet!

Thanks! I haven't used the flash finished yet! I can't wait!

Thanks for your input. We battle against hard water as well, it was nice to hear some of your formulating methods. I also appreciate the vibrancy of the N's and NN's. With the new formulations of them I have found that I like to think of  the N's as like chocolate, the NN's pull a little darker so I think of them as dark chocolate, and the NB's are more transluent, for lack of a better word, so I think of them as ice tea. PM Shines are amazing I dont know how I ever lived without them! So do you ever do any educating in America...or are you primarily in Geece?

no... i only educate in Greece, but i will be at  PM europian train the trainer 14-16 of jan. in frankfurt, i hope i can be in Vegas next year...!

Hi Nicole,  I have read the replies to your question.  I am happy to see some educators on the forum!  I also use P.M Color.  I have been using it for several years and I like it very much.  Like the others said, little fading, leaves hair in great condition, easy to formulate.  I am very pleased that they are kicking it up a bit with the reds as I do a lot of red colors.  P.M. is the best for education as well.  I highly recommend it!

Hello Nicole:

I recently left an Aveda salon to open my own space. I decided to go with Paul Mitchell The Color and it has exceeded my expectations. Most of my clients were Aveda junkies and have found the Color to be a smooth transition. I've had zero difficulty transferring my formulas and have found my client's hair to be looking and feeling better than ever!! Paul Mitchell also has an outstanding educaion system that really sets you up for success. Best of luck to you!!




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