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Can anyone tell me about how the Paul Mitchell color line works. I am graduating from douglas j. aveda institute and only know aveda color. I ordered a book off of the net about their color but until then..I kinda need some kind of paul mitchell knowledge. THANKS =)

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Hello Nicole, I am quite familiar with PM Color! Beeswax base, low amminia, permanent, demi (Pm Shines), Color Shots, Paste Lightner, Powder Lightner, High Lift, and more. The color really does last and not much fading.
They have great color marketing which is great and helps you from a business standpoint. Great gray coverage, nice shine, great tones, easy to use, great Color Map and fool proof system. Like most lines, everything is based off the Law of Color and PM has great print outs and tools to make things VERY easy for you.
Hope this helps a bit!
I just grad from Paul Mitchell and the color line is soo simple, EVERYTHING you need to know is in the color book, it has all the formulations and how tos in the book.. super easy! And their hotline is extremely helpful if you cant find the solution in the book call the hotline!
I am also an Educator for PM by the way!!!
sorry it took so long to get back to you...but thank you... u rock. I am going through a training program at my salon that is suppose to being teaching the PM color. I would like to have a leg up on it if possible. I am having a hard time accessing the PM web site. =( Thank you.

what region do you educate in?

I own a Paul Mitchell Focus salon and love the color. It is your basic color and very easy to use. The only thing I would warn of is be careful what information you get on the color. They have just reformulated the color. The new color has a new technology called chromaluxe. The formulations for the chromaluxe color will be different from the original so make sure any info you get is based on the new color.
The color is very true to color and fades on tone. The principles of the color follow your basic color principles.
hi Nicole i have been using Paul Mitchell for a few years...i was trained in Redken and there line changed and was not as good as it used to be. My rep kept telling try Paul mitchell, I resisted for a long time! but finally tried it and there line is awsome! the education and information is all there, they are so there to be helpful , any more than any other company i have come across! its a simple line if you over think it, or over do it can be challenge good luck nicole rember the basic's
If you go to the paul mitchell website and then click on professional. Log in/create a new account. go to business building, then the color bar. scroll all the way down. Look for the The Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color Manual. "It is designed for salons interested in advanced technical information above and beyond what is featured in color swatch books and paper swatch charts. It is an all-inclusive tool to help guide salons and stylists in learning and successfully formulating with all Paul Mitchell Professional Hair Color products." Very helpful and should answer most questions. :)
Do you know where you can buy the Manuel?
Paul Mitchell is renbow 1:1 ratio except high lift could be 2:1. Creme or liquid could be used from 5 vol to 40 vol 5 on damp semi deposit only,10 damp Demi ,20 dry permanent , 30 permanent resistant grey or more lift. 40 for high lift 1:1or2:1 depending on desired results. Michael
You can buy aveda at the walgreens by my house. Lol. Paul mitchell spends millions every year tracking down diverters, which is way more than other brands do. They won't ever sell out to a bigger company, which most have done now. Heck, they even cut south america completely off because of diversion. Sad part is its not the brand selling out, its the professionals exploiting the industry. That's what's really sad.

Then how come that when in Boston you can find Paul Mitchell in every stop & shop and pharmacies?

Head & shoulders,pantene,toni&guy,Paul Mitchell,Redken,Loreal...list goes oooon!


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