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hey guys looking for some opinions on which color line you guys like that achieve the best pastel colors ( cotton candy blue,pink) my models hair is silver and im looking to ad a few different pastel colors but my color line in the salon does not have any.....




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I like working with Goldwell Elumen Clear adding pure tones PK@all for a sheer pastel pink, VV@all for lilac, etc...check them out

Aveda for sure, they just came out with pure pigment that you can mix into universal 0N [clear] to dilute it to pale pastels.  you can also get intense and bright colours out of it by mixing it evenly with developer. they also have pastel pigments to put into their highlifts which you can get some soft pastel colours as well.

I agree, after just finishing an AMAZING week of colour workshops with the very talented Mr. Jimmy Girinti, we have created some of the most beautiful pastels and powder hues... Ask him about his new "Baby Blue"..
Pravana's CHROMASILK VIVIDs line is great. Although rich and intense, the colors can be diluted with a clear shine solution for a pastel effect. Good Luck!

Ive used the pravana vivids a lot... You can make some really cool looking colors, but the proportions are wild! I wish it were more like how mixing paint works...

Ive used the shine solution before, but havent been majorly happy with the outcome. For instance, to get a pale blue color... what would YOU suggest to mix? When I tried, i did a major amount of the shine and a little bit of blue, and mixed until the color in the bowl was the color i was looking for. Whatya think?

I agree with Tanya and Zach! The PRAVANA VIVIDs have amazing tones! I love them. I just used them for the first time this week to color a wig (silver) for a photo shoot. I came out amazing!

Goldwell Elumen for sure. Very minimal bleeding and awesome longevity. Like Mellissa said, use clear. I like to measure out clear and slowly add PK@all [hot pink] in small increments until it's the pastel tone I like to see.

Goldwell Elumen make your hair color fantasies come true

haha I totally agree! One of my favorite color lines to work with. :)

Aveda definitely filled the gap in the color line with the pastels and pure pigments


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