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I have a client in her early 30's that has Thyroid cancer and was told by her oncologist to stop coloring her hair or use non chemical color.  She recommended Mastey, Derm Organic, Prive, Simply Organic, Giovanni Organics, John Masters Organics or Eco Colors.  I have always used Goldwell and I'm not sure of these other lines. My client has natural level 6 and has a little gray.  Any advice would be appreciated!

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I agree with Mandy in the last comment, Organic Color Sysytems is a fantastic cleaner alternative to ammonia based colour lines and it's still a fully functional professional line.

Carolyn, many of our salons use our product to service clients who are cancer survivors.  We have an excellent article and have also been highly recommended by all of the major cancer centers and many oncologists use our color line for their education .

Please feel free to call us at (888) 213-4744 and use ext. 108.  We'll be more than happy to send you out a free information package including a DVD.  Our starter packages are also risk-free to try for 30 days which includes our full line.  I think you'll be very pleased with our product and if you're not, we'll take it all back for any reason.

Whether you're interested in trying our product or not, please feel free to use us as a resource to help you service this client's important and unique needs.  We're here to help!

Thank you Mandy and Liam for leading me in the right direction!  Scott, I'm very interested and will call this week.  I know that Elumin is safe to use, however there are too many limitations to it.  I know that switching my client to the new color system means her mother will want to as well, and she's 100% grey. I want to stay with a proffessional line so thanks again for your help :-)


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