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Music In The Salon...What Does Everyone Play??...Does It Generate Staff Bickering? .....How Important It Is To Your Salon Personna...Love To Hear Thoughts And Comments!!

I think all of us in the biz are MUSICHOLICS....(Hi, I'm Tony and I'm a musicholic...LOL LOL).....Just

curious about what everyone plays in the salon, who oversees and dictates what will be played, how you pick and choose, and most importantly, thoughts on how it affects the overall personna of the salon, comments by customers, any of you custom mix, or have someone custom mix simply because you're frustrated with either sattelite radio, cd's, regular fm, etc.....

Speaking for myself, I NEED THE RIGHT MUSIC TO DO GOOD HAIR....Agreed????

Comments and thoughts, please!!!!

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I agree totally! There is nothing more uninspiring then having to listen to soft rock or top 40 radio station all day. Yes Lady Gaga, Beiber, Daughtry I'm sure we all love you but I'm sure if you had to listen to your song more then 5 times in one day you might turn into a looney toon! I don't believe clients mind all that much as long as there not having to raise their voice over the music and its not cannibal corpse. When you think about it most client are coming to the salon or spa to feel young and look great and how often do we get that question " What's the new trend?". Half of the trends we follow are music artist so keeping up to date and poppin in the salon with good tunes!

I think over all, having an unbiased mix of music is always a good idea!
I agree......I've been through the whole gamet in trying everything ranging from FM,
to satelite radio with themed stations, to mixing my own.....we always made it a point
to at least have FM "available" to us, via cable, in case, god forbid,there was another 9-11,
or something catastrophic that we all needed to be aware of. I think we were best served
by a combination of Sirius Radio, and, mixing our own. Also, one of the things you run into
are advertisments for OTHER hair salons, while you're standing there trying to service a client least with satelite radio and cd's there's no conflicting advertisements......I've even had
some clients ask me if I could make them a copy of a few cd's that we used on a regular basis. Above
and beyond that, the whole IPOD thing is just a godsend that allows you to mix 10 or12 hours of music,
put it on in the morning, and not lift a finger the rest of the day.....I've also talked to alot of salon
owners that "pace" the music......a little more mellow during the morning hours through mid day, and
then by the time the evening comes around and you're really jamming with clients, you pick up the pace
a little bit, and it seems to really liven the place up, and embellish the fact that the salon is at its busiest
music sets the tone and tempo for your whole environment,i believe a salon should be able to play anything at least once as long as it is not profane and is at the appropriate time of day for its energy level ,it needs to be a labor of love involving play lists ,i have found that as long as you keep the thrashing of guitars to a minimum clients can deal as far as staff i always have had an open door policy to use there play list at least once and if it has the magic it will go into rotation my salon prided itself on exposing our guests to new and directional music and it became part of our rep and was referred to in many online reviews which helped to attract the type of client we were looking for ,open minded and ready for new experiences!
Music is KEY to a happy salon scene.
Bottom Line....PANDORA ROCKS! We have several "salon appropriate" stations that most of the stylists like. We alternate between them so everyone gets to hear something they like.
We just started Pandora radio. Everyone in the salon is happy with the choses of music. we try'ed to have a cd player with 60 disk changer. it became a problem because someone would take all the other ones out and put their own in .Try Pandora and see how it works. So far so good.
We use Pandora too! I love it!
Music definitely sets the tone for me... Always has been, its an integral part of the expression shown through the work we do as stylists! Our salon owner is pretty set against any hip-hop/rap/urban themed music, and we have even had a client ask to have the station changed- but that is a whole other story! ha ha We generally play your basic 80's,90's, today stations and a lot of clients ask what station we are listening to. I would personally love to work in a salon that had a live dj! Years ago, prior to being a stylist, I had worked at a store in NYC that employed a dj on the weekends... the mix of house, r&b, rock- it was just uplifting! The energy it created was incredible!
Benita, I know of several salons in NYC that have disc jockeys...not on a full time basis, of course, as it is
very expensive, but usually Friday nites and weekends.....also, in regards to the store you worked in in
NY....Many of the chain stores go through very great lengths and research in regards to EXACTLY the
type of music they play, and the role that it plays in motivating PURCHASE....personally, I have been in
retail enviornments where the whole vibe....MAINLY THE MUSIC....excites me so much in terms of
wanting to BUY, BUY, BUY, that it took every ounce of strength in my body to avoid whipping out the
credit card and going crazy, so needless to say, it definately works, and, more over, I think that it is
a profoundly critical part of salon personna that is too often overlooked by some salon owners.....
I believe... its obvious that music and the volume of music is vital to the experience a guest/client will have in the salon and should compliment the decor, staff, and overall genre "the Mood"...... we shuffle it around but make sure it stays within the boundries or taste of our guests(its important to really understand our guests or potential guests taste)...we keep gangsta/hardcore music out of the mix, but Im ok w/it it for photoshoots during editorial... in salon we mix it from The Allmans, Led Zepplin,(lots of acoustic stuff) sting, classic stuff to modern music......volume is very important for me, Im always dabblin with it as the owner, but, I must say staff is pretty conscious of where, what and how loud music should b.
We have been listening to for three years now. We have a very diverse clientele, almost every new client that comes in wants to know what we are listening to. Check it out !!!!!
we have an ipod. i made 7 playlists, each is about 20 hours long. the receptionist doesnt have to think about what playlist to put it on.
all playlists have a wide variety of music, from 80s pop, to modern electronic music, and just about everything in between except heavy metal.
i agree with Gerard, it is a labor of love. each playlist is meticulously crafted.
the only complaints i get are actually that sometimes the music is too "normal"
We got pandora and iTunes playing at our place.....


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