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It makes me so proud to introduce hbtv. It has been a ton of work, a true labor of love to bring this to fruition, and I have a Kool-aid smile. For those of you who can't wait to see it and are tired of reading follow the link below.


Please let us know what you think and 'LIKE' your favorite channel.







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Well done guys!!!! I look forward to seeing how amazing HBTV is going to be!

Keep it coming.

Allen Ruiz

Thanks Allen!

Congrats Randy!!! Since I know you personally it is a great honor and such a pleasure to see what you do and have done with hairbrained. I will always support you man as long as you remain YOURSELF and keep being a grinder like me. Sleep? What's that? lol....Congrats again Randy!!! Thanks soooo much also for adding my channel in there.



Love it!!! You guys did an amazing job! I love the layout, how organized everything is, THE CONTENT, navigation ....everything! Can't wait to come home from work and watch more videos! Thank you for creating it!
Thanks Shannel! We appreciate the feedback!
Great addition to a great site .... The only one who won't like will be my wife who says I already spend to much time on HB .

waaaaay cool.



We need some and is videos Ivan

YAY, SO GREAT!!  Thank you for yet another brilliant contribution to celebrating and sharing our craft!!




Great now I'm gonna have to start making videos again :D

Looks fantastic !

Hey josh I think you should pick the next curator. Maybe inbox me with three and I will reach out to them.


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