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Indiana trying to remove board. No licenses will be needed to do hair. OH MY!

"In a report filed on December 16, 2011, the Regulated Occupations Evaluation Committee made the following recommendation: 
"Eliminate the Cosmetology and Barber Board in its entirety including each of the 25 license types (including 5 temporary license types) associated with the Cosmetology and Barber Board." 
This would deregulate our industry, meaning that the hard work that professionals completed to become a licensed cosmetologist/barber/nail tech/esthetician was all for naught, allowing untrained, unlicensed individuals to render cosmetology & barber services to consumers."

What does everyone feel about this? I for one am totally 100% against this. Such a scary thought.

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     I live in Indiana.  I am all for this.  I'm in the process right now of teaching myself to cut hair.  Over the past year I've spent around $5k on dvd's, books, and online education.  I bought around 80 mannequins over the past 2 months.  In a year or 2 or 3 I doubt there will be very much a beginners school will add to my basic knowledge.  Why would I want to take a year off work (or spend 2 years worth free time, at night, after work) going over things I already know.  Plus, I'll be forced to pay $10-20k for things I've already learned else where?  

     Your hard work was not for naught, neither will mine be.  However, I'd rather not add a $10-20k bill from some cosmetology school to my work if, I don't have to.

     Thanks for posting this, Danielle.

This is for Richard B Miller. As  a hairdresser of 35 years I can tell you  first hand not every body can cut and color hair. You need  to have foundation in every profession. In fact any body can teach themselves to remove hair buy just cutting it off with scissors or with what ever but doing it correctly and designing is another thing. You need instructors watching over you to direct your stance, hand and body position as well as knowing what you want your end results to look like. Video tapes some times can't help you with those things. You need to work on real live models not dummy heads. Most beauty schools do provide this type of practice. Some instructors are very good and you can benefit from their criticisms. Over the years of ongoing education starting with what I learned in Beauty school and a very good instructor that cared  about me I learned to get the basics right, continuous advance hair training at Sassoon for 30 years and teaching thousands of haircutters how to become not haircutters but "designers" I can tell you this "You need to have a good foundation" THink of it this way.Lets say you are interested in music but don't want to go to school to learn to read, write and understand the music theory which would lead you to understand the classics,contemporary, jazz funk etc.. Instead you end up choosing to teach yourself how to sing or play your instrument and maybe developed a good ear at it.. But think how much better you would be if you knew how to read music which would have been taught to you if you stayed in school. Not only would you develop a good ear but you would be able to 'read, write and record with other talented musicians as well. Just saying stop spending all this money on trying to fight the system that helps control this practice for you and all other professionals in the hair business. For all you know maybe there might be an instructor in school that really cares about helping you to be the best hairstylist or haircutter you could be. I'm pretty good at reading between the lines when I interview hairdressers who think this way and I haven't been wrong so far. My advice for you would be to just go with the system and leave the EGO some where else so it does not get in your way from being more passionate about this wonderful art. It will  get in your way sooner or later. Trust me Richard, Iv'e been there just where you are right now. ps.. I have good name for your salon. "Risky HAir"..peace Richard...Just Do It!!     

     Hello, Robert!  Thanks for your concern.  However, I've managed to teach myself other things.  I'll see how it goes with cosmetology. :-)  You want a diploma go to school, you want an education go to the library.  :-) Or since most cosmetology books and dvd's aren't in the library pay and arm and a leg for them online. :-)  Anyway, I like experimenting.  It's why I bought all the mannequin heads.  In fact, it sounds like great fun ruining a bunch of perfectly good mannequin heads! :-) I've always been such a RISK taker, anyway.  And it sounds ohhhh, soooo, RISKY!!!   Plus, it sounds much more interesting than what most of the people at hairbrained experienced in cosmetology school...  

     If I do have some problems I can't solve along the way why can't I just pay someone more experienced than me for some private lessons?  Maybe one day I could fly out to San Diego and get a face to face lesson with Josh Flowers.  Or I could drive up to Chicago and take a lesson from Ivan Zoot, maybe.  I think that would be just as good as going to school possibly, better in some ways.  :-)  And it would sort of be payback as well, since, I've already learned some things from all the free stuff they've both posted on the  web.

     Or maybe even one day I could email Jason Stanton with a question.....  He seems like he's been around the old cosmetology block a time or two.  :-) 

     Sorry, but I have to leave now.  I feel compelled to go and break out my copy of The Beatles Sgt. Pepper's album.  For some reason, I just can't get the second song from that album out of my head... :-)

If you want to come to Chicago and take a class with us our classes are less than $200, we only use live models and no more than 6 people in the hands on classes!

I didn't go to cosmetology school, I did an apprenticeship.I now have 20 years experience and never stopped seeking out education through classes and DVD's. I have learned so much from watching Sassoon and Saco and Mahogony  videos but I do agree that there is nothing like the experience of working with a seasoned educator.  Sometimes you don't know what you don't know. Your body position or a little twist of the fingers that only someone else can point out can make a world of difference.

I have so much respect for your ambition and enthusiasm! I love training  the new stylists at my salon because of their fresh eye and eagerness to learn. Keeps me on my game! The exchange of my expertise and their excitement is very rewarding. Try and find some classes or mentor with a stylist you respect. It will only enhance what you have worked so hard to learn thus far! And better than most schools by the way.

Thanks, Stevie!  Cool post. :-)  I'll keep you in mind.  I've lived about 10 years in Chicago at different times.  I still go up there often.  I may have to take you up on the offer sometime.  Thanks again,  great post!

My initial thoughts at the moment, doesnt seem like it would be all that bad. The thing is, now it is going to leave it up to salons to really weed through applications/interview when hiring new stylists.

This could be really cool, in recent years, the industry has been flooded with people who go to school for hair, and not even have the heart or want to do it. Maybe doing hair now will get back to its old school roots, and to learn, you either have to figure it out on your own, or do a hardcore apprenticeship... kind of like the tattoo world. I would have loved to learn like that in the beginning. I'm sure a lot of us watched the Vidal Sassoon movie, thats how he started how, in a little hair shop.

So in all, maybe the no licensing thing, will weed out the people who really dont have heart or passion to do hair, I'm fine by that.

Agreed. I also have a feeling that it will lead to a more discerning client, one that does their research before walking into any shop they see. There are no licensing requirements in England as far as I know and they have a high density of the best hairdressers on the planet. I think this might be  a good thing and can't wait to see how it progresses. Most schools are full of crap anyways. I could see a sanitation course being required through a community college though.

I totally agree with what you are saying In places like England it is required to apprentice for at least 2 years full time.But in Richard's statement, he just wants to teach himself and not go to school, or put long hours in a apprenticeship program...What do you think?

There are very experienced people on hairbrained who have said that apprenticeships are a waste of time as well.  And, that you should just go straight away to a discount salon and cut a lot of heads after school.  Because, and get this, you really didn't learn how to cut much in school anyway.  Imagine that! :-) The arguments on this subject have been fought on hairbrained before.  In my mind, for the moment, the people that argue for the discount salons have the better argument.  This could change as I get into this but I doubt it.  

I totally agree with you. I did a 3 year apprenticeship many years ago in Atlanta when it was still allowed. Now that I am an Art Director myself I see how ill prepared these fresh graduates really are. The State Board exam here in Illinois is multiple choice for Pete's sake!

Here in California is much tougher than most states as it should be.

Having taken state boards in California and in Georgia (due to lack of reciprocity) I can say that California is far superior to what I experienced in Georgia. The test was not multiple choice, and it was run much more efficiently. Quite honestly - the state boards in Georgia were a joke.

I doubt too many states will be getting rid of the license requirement as it generates too much income.


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