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Over the last month two hairdressers that I personally knew died of cancer, both were under the age of 60 , so I started to investagate back and realized that I knew of ten  personally that were below that age ,one being John Sahag. Ten is a high percentage, seeing I don't socialize in this industry.

I am now doing a survey and asking hairdressers to send me an age list of hairdressers they knew that have been effected by this.

I read that hairdressers have a 20%  to 60%  higher chance of cancer exposure then the general puplic.

Dario Chicco.

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I have noticed this as well. In this last year.

John Steinberg 68

Michael Volpe 55

Vidal Sassoon 84

Joshua Galvin 72

Just to site a few recent people.


I'm disturbed by rising cancer rates in general, because I am noticing lots of people with cancer at work- and I still have my office job (no hairdressers here). I can see already (as a cosmo student) that the risk is pretty high. If you add bad habits like smoking, etc...I'm sure the risks go even higher.

People are living longer, so the chances of dying of cancer are increasing, since cancer generally hits older people more as I understand.

My medical student friend told me hairdressers have a slightly higher incidence of bladder cancer than  general population....anyone else heard that?

Personally,My dad was a stylist all of his life and died at age 60 of cancer. His name was Joe Victorio




Wonder if it's the parabens that most U S products are still full of. Even though the rest of the planet have banned them.

  a relative question would be, "what kind of cancer?'. did they all have similar cancers? i have done hair over thirty years. 2 years ago i had stage 3 non-hodgkins lymphoma. serious cancer. all better now after six rounds of chemo. was there a relationship with the analine derivative (coal tar) dyes and other chemicals we all use? sprays? even non-aerosol have high levels of VOC's. ammonia fumes from perms?  something in shampoos, tiny but accumulated over years of daily exposure? one thing for certain- always wear gloves with chemicals. even auto mechanics wear gloves, and not just to keep their hands clean. just because you think it isn't bothering you today doe not mean it isn't slowly accumulating. and just because the FDA didn't take it off the market does not mean it is safe. you really don't want to go thru what i had to, and i am fortunate to have made it.

Hi Dario- Please keep me posted. I'm looking into the health hazzards of hairdressers. According to Health Day, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) "found that Cosmetologists in North Carolina who worked full-time and performed a range of chemical services had a moderately increased of of miscarriage. Another agency study concluded that cosmetologists had a higher risk of developing lung disorders as a result of hair spray."

-I had a friend whos mom had to stop being a hairdresser because she had blisters on her lungs.

-Sandy (hairdresser) had throat cancer. She is alive.

-Lynnette (hairdresser) coworker died of cancer in her late 20's early thirtys.


I was diagnosed in 2011 with non Hodgkin's lymphoma. I am 44 and have been a stylist for 17 years. I have two coworkers who died one from Brain cancer, and one from pancreatic. The unfortunate part is there is not enough research to prove one way or another if the chemicals we are exposed to are toxic enough to cause cancer.
Here are some sites that may interest HB members regarding chemicals in our industry.

@Darrio Chicco ~ Thank you for sharing our website on HB! Speaking of chemicals in our industry, have you seen our Pretty Toxic Best of the Worst Awards? 
There's no more denying the very scary truth about what we're dealing with in our industry today....a picture tells a thousand words! 

Cyril Thomson Mitchell (aka Paul Mitchell) -53 (pancreatic cancer)

Yeah, I'd be interested in more details.  Smokers vs. non-smokers, etc..

It seems the world is going to hell in a hand basket.  With gluten allergies sky-rocketing, autism now considered a national epidemic, etc there are more and more things plaguing us.  At least here in the States.


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