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Give Credit Where Credit Is Due, Or, How I Got Banned From Behind The Chairs Facebook

Many of us remember Vidal Sassoon as being “The Godfather” of Haircutting, the man who brought Geometrics to the forefront of our industry and changed the way we do hair.

There was another way, however, that he also changed our industry for the better

I remember when I was reading Vidal Sassoons Biography “Sorry To Keep You Waiting Madam” (Which for the life of me, I cannot find among my monuments to long nights of drinking gone by) there was a chapter where he was talking about the days when he first started getting published in magazines. You see back then stylists struggled to get a credit for their work that was published, forget about even getting paid. Vidal was one of the first of many who really pushed not only for hairdressers to get paid But, to also get their name in the credits along with the designers of the clothing and the photographer who took the picture. He realized the importance of being recognized for your hard work. It was one of his lesser known legacy’s.

Fast forward to today, here I am sitting in Casa de Kickassio, doing all the cool manly things you would expect me to do. You know, things like dividing by zero and punching myself in the face for inspiration. I decided to take a break from being awesome, and check my facebook. After Scrolling though all those memes you kids like to post, I come across this image posted by “”

Now it wasn’t so much the image that caught my eye as it was the caption, “BTC celebrates great hair & the Hairdressers
that give their hairstyles a “voice” !”
I commented that if you really wanted to give hairdressers a voice they would give the stylist who did this some credit for the picture. If they really wanted to “celebrate” great hair then they should be celebrating the stylist that did this?
About one hour later they made another post

Once again no credit for the stylist This time I commented “Imagine the ‘Rush’ the stylist would created that, would get if you gave them credit for their work?”

Soon, after I made that post I had noticed that the comment bar on their posts had disappeared. I had officially been banned from BTC.

I was a little dismayed that here’s a company that claims to celebrate hairstylists would ban someone on the basis that they were speaking up for stylists rights. I feel a little ashamed that the leading publication in my beloved industry would so easily dismiss a request for a simple byline. I found it embarrassing that an entity that claims to celebrate hairdressers would even THINK about posting a hair image that some stylist out there worked very hard on and do so without posting a tiny little credit to acknowledge that stylist.

I made the following post and was sure to tag Mary Rectors personal Facebook page so I knew she would see the it.

I have yet to get a response back.

BTC is probably the largest hair related media company in the U.S. right now. How did they get to be such a success? From the hard work and money of hairdressers. Sure they make a metric buttload of money from their advertisers, but, where do those advertisers get the money to place ads with BTC? That’s right, from YOUR hard earned dollars. Is a simple credit too much to ask for? Don’t you think they owe it to the industry they claim to represent?
This may just be a danger of the new information age where an image can be shared with a simple click of a mouse. Before you click that little share button remember that there is someone out there who put their heart into an image, probably made no money from it and would just love to have a little recognition.
Sure it may just be a simple facebook post but go back and look at how many likes and shares those images get. They have a tremendous reach and think of how much that could help out a young talented stylist career.
I’m sure the solution is to just watermark every photo we take a picture of but do we really wanna live in a world where every photo we see looks like this?

I’d like to believe we can have a bit of common decency and credit our fellow hairdressers.

If you’ve made it this far into the blog I ask of you to take some action. Seriously it will take about 2 minutes of your time,. You can help change the industry for the better just by sharing this blog on your facebook page. You can go to the BTC facebook page and request that they start crediting the images they post. If they still refuse to give credit to images I urge you to go to the facebook pages of their advertisers and let them know how you feel.
It’s a small step, but, if we work together hopefully we can start earning the respect as artists we deserve.

In closing I’d like to leave you with a post off of Mary Rectors own facebook page:

Yes I suppose being an artist and having your work credited IS a perverse fantasy

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Continue to fight the good fight!

I for one cant believe it took so long for you to get banned.

Welcome to the blacklist club!What ya drinking?TeeeeeHeeeee.

If the swimming is're going with the current(times). If you're out to change the status quo....expect resistance.

they are notorious for doing that. some people have gone on and posted their own credits in the comments, because their images were used without permission etc.

After stylist were recognized by magazines they did start to mention individual stylists for their hairdressing skills . I was a regular  in Vogue , Harpers etc in the 70s 80s 90s purely for my philosophy and cutting skills but it's now a different story , unless you have a product company behind you , they will not touch you and if you are anti product , as I am you are black band. I recently foolishly had to make comment on celebrity hairstyles under the banner of a famous NYC hairdressers products for a well known fashion magazine , but only as the beauty editor is a client and was told how to describe each hairstyle did I get this mention.

I do have independent magazines that have featured me for my thoughts and  beliefs  " Image In Progress " 

" Peppermint Magazine "  "Prevention Magazine "   AESOP  natural products  , Alchemy natural products  , and many blog sites.

I guess if I collaborate with a commercial product company  I would get the commercial recognition but I choose not to as  I'm anti chemicals in this industry. The only collaborating I will do is with an organic shampoo product or a scissor company.



You da man!


The REAL story on photo credits at Sassoon...from someone who was there...and knows what he is talking about...


In the early 1960's, when Sassoon was first getting his hairstyles published in consumer magazines, it was Vidal himself who went to do the hair.

Later, in the mid-60's, he tired of doing hair, stopped seeing clients, moved to New  York and became a 'celebrity'.

It was a good move for him because he was over his 'creative-breakthrough-period' and he knew it, so he handed- off the creative reins of the business to the late Roger Thompson and never picked up a comb nor a pair of scissors again.

It was then the stylists who went out to do the hair for the magzines, but the credit was always: Hair by Vidal Sassoon'.

At first we were happy to be asked to go and represent the salon, even though it meant that we had to lose at least a half-day of salon time which meant that we lost the income from those hours, as it was connsidered a 'privelige' to go and we were not compensated for the salon hours lost.

Far from fighting to get photo credit for the person who had actually gone and done the hair and lost a half-day's income, (a full-day if it was a location shoot) Vidal didn't allow the stylist to get credit for the job and insisted on the credit being given only as 'Hair by Vidal Sassoon'...this caused great resentment as there was no recognition given to the stylist at all until it was made clear that we were not happy with that situation and would not go any longer unless we were compensated with (at minimum) the photo credit... and that was how it went, we continued to lose the earnings for the time spent out of the salon but were 'rewarded' with the photo credit.

In addition, we stopped even trying to get professional models to have Sassoon cuts, the model agencies wouldn't allow it, they needed their models to have shoulder-length hair in order to be commercial, Sassoon cuts were trendy, not commercial.

We went to wigs. We would cut wigs and take them to the photo sessions, plop them on whichever model was booked and that was that, there was really no further hairstyling done, it was one-size-fits-all. From then on, even junior-stylists could go out to 'do the hair' for magazines.

The photo credits went back to being 'Hair by Vidal Sassoon.



Yeah but look at how many people go on to do amazing things after working for Sassoon, well okay maybe YOU didn't, but a lot of them end up being leaders in the industry, instead of tired old internet trolls.

In that case, maybe it's time was boycotted.

Want some credit...Enter our Sassoon Academy Cell Phone shot out not only will you get credit but a chance to join the Sassoon Creative team for a Masterclass and $600 to use toward travel. In your case Josh thats a $12 Greyhound ticket and $588 of Old English Malt Liquor


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