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Question for anyone who knows information about Aveda, do you believe Aveda color really is safe for your health? Or is it rather they have some good ingredients but also still a good deal of chemical ingredients? I have been researching the ingredients in the color but still unsure of the answer, it seems less toxic but I also haven't researched other color lines yet. Any thoughts?

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I'm no scientist, but I can color and chemical services have been going on forever.....Is it good for us? Possibly.Is it bad for us? Possibly.  There are far more worse things than salon environment smells and fumes..

Do I believe Aveda color is safe for my health? yes

Thank you Rob :)
Aveda permanent hair color is 96% naturally derived and the Demi line is %99 also completely ammonia free
I am an aveda graduate and i did plenty of things to my hair with aveda color and with good care it's still healthy. I love aveda color


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