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Can you tell us how to do those awesome butterfly foils?





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Well... yes I can! ;P


Okay, Fold the foil in half. fold the bottom up (in thirds) from the center point to the left corner (literally), then from the center to the right corner (literally). Put the pintail in the center of the triangle and press down. Put your pointer finger in the folded triangle and pinch the tip of the foil and twist the top of the foil around the hair (not the butterfly foil around the hair, Literally).

Have someone read this while you do it. If you have questions make sure to get back to me.


Do you have a pic of the finished butterfly foil?  Thanks
Thanks so much! Youre the best!

you are so welcome Alexis.



a pic of the finished foil would be nice :)
oh... great idea. Will work on it! maybe a little "step by step action"?

so here are some pics of folding the butterfly foils.  Sorry about the quality.


Here are some pics.I apologize for the quality... Check out the butterfly foil...

thank you , there perfect :) well maybe im just a hair geek but i love this stuff lol , also i get to attend the re- visioned class for the new aveda pure tones super excited :)

I'm a hair geek too!!!  Do you have the Aveda Hair Color and Texture Curriculum? There are some great step by steps for fun Effects.

You will love the new color. It is really taking the Hair Color Line to the next level. (no pun intended) ;P


I dont have the Aveda Hair Color and Texture Curriculum, where can i get my hands on it ? i would love to take it to the next level, pun intended :)


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