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Nylon or bristle or both?

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Personally I like boar bristle. Smoother finish less frizz has been my experience. There are times I do need other types but I usually stick with my bristle brushes. I love them. 
Have tried the Denman bristle brushes?They are superb........Kevin Murphy has reinvented the Maison Pearson and guess what?It's BETTER than the original!Happy 4th.
Whatever gets the best grip depending on hair type.
True,tension is a major factor.Which type do you prefer to use to create texture?
Boar bristle (Marilyn) most of the time, but if I have really natural, skinny wimpy hair that I need to create volume nylon with a thermal core. Marilyn brushes I prefer the "ovali" and the "flatter me too". Both are oval shaped...
For me, it depends on what I'm trying to achieve. Many times I use a combination of brushes. My favorite round brushes have both nylon and boar bristles.



I like boar bristle + nylon bristle on a large barrel brush for a straight or very loose blowout.

I like nylon bristle + metal/ceramic barrel brush for curling some hair types.

I like plain boar bristle in a medium to small brush for sticking the hair to like velcro and rolling up and down with no tension for a super curly blow dry.


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