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Has anyone experienced a client having surgery and then it seems her hair is damaged?

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I think it does! I did a little googling and this s what I found...

      “Systemic anesthesia has a profound effect on the body. As you would expect, it pushes the individual into a state of unconsciousness and relaxes muscles. Anesthesia also affects hair follicles. Hair follicles contain cells that are some of the fastest dividing and developing cells of the body. They have to divide fast to maintain the growth of hair fiber. Anesthesia blocks this rapid cell division. While the application of anesthesia to an individual may only be for a few hours, the hair follicles may be affected to such a degree that they shut down hair fiber production and enter a telogen resting state. A telogen effluvium type of hair loss is the result.” {Source: Desai SP, Roaf ER. Telogen effluvium after anesthesia and surgery. Anesth Analg. 1984 Jan;63(1):83-4.}
      Of course, it also included information on the relationship between surgery and hair loss, explaining that “major surgery is an extreme physical shock to the body. Therefore after surgery your body is struggling to repair itself. Most nutrients are diverted to repairing essential organs and reorganizing the structural integrity of the body. Hair follicles are not vitally important for survival so they often lose out as nutrients are diverted elsewhere. Without a good supply of nutrients the hair follicles slow down or even stop activity completely. This may lead to a telogen effluvium type of progressive hair loss noticeable up to three months after the surgery has taken place.”


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